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What is Beyond the Rainbow?

Your quest to add more diversity to your stories has a new companion. Beyond the Rainbow is a consolidated resource where writers can find accurate and valid information regarding marginalized orientations, gender identities and intersex individuals (this website uses the term queer as an umbrella term for those who identify as LGBT+).
Our goal is to offer an accurate resource that provides writing advice, character development tips and tricks, and help avoiding harmful stereotypes and tropes. We also want to support and encourage writers with access to seminars, editors, beta readers and sensitivity readers. Beyond the Rainbow is your source for accurate, honest and respectful ways to write MOGAI persons.

Each module has been thoroughly researched and vetted by those from that section of the community.
Each module approaches the challenges faced by queer persons honestly and openly.
Beyond the Rainbow strongly encourages all authors to write diverse characters respectfully and shows how this is possible.

This site will be growing and changing as more identities and orientations are added. While we strive to include everyone some terms are too new to have much reference material and some are only used within the queer community itself. If you have questions regarding a specific orientation or gender, please contact us.

Writing is already hard so we’ve made certain the website is easy to navigate and the information you need is clear and understandable.

If you have any special requests or need animation free pages, please contact us.

Gender Identity

Gender Identity

Learn more about the various gender identities and what role it plays in your character's life.

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Learn more about your character's orientation and how this affects their life and relationships.

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This section explores how gender and sexuality intersect with race, mental illness and disability.

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Having your orientation and/or gender represented in media you love is incredibly important to a sense of self-worth and everyone deserves to be represented.Bran L. Ayres

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About Bran

A writer and parent of three nerdlings, Bran stays very busy. They first noticed how difficult it is to find valid and accurate information regarding how to write MOGAI characters when they were researching one of their novels. This lead them to begin a blog to help other writers in their quest for diversity. They soon realized that the blog format still didn’t fill the need for a resource that all writers could easily access and use.

Thus, Beyond the Rainbow was formed with the help of the amazing team at AdSmith Marketing and the support and encouragement from numerous writers, editors and agents.

They continue to write and learn about themselves and others within the MOGAI community. They encourage all writers to explore the different orientations and gender identities. With knowledge comes understanding and acceptance.


We would love to hear from you. If you have any concerns, questions or would like to know more about a certain topic please let us know.

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